How can I own a shop in Bauchi360

Own a shop in bauchi360 by clicking on the register button on our top front page. You can also click here

Why should I own a shop in Bauchi360

Our aim is to help promote businesses and services in Bauchi, giving the local businesses a chance to be seen, and to also provide a tool of information for residents.
By owning a shop, you're getting your business out there and helping your customers to reach you easily when they need you most. We offer a professional, reliable and genuine business development services. Rarely will we be unobtainable and will always help your business grow where we can and be as fair as possible.

Do you only host businesses in Bauchi360?

Currently, bauchi360 offers business listing and development services. We intend to expand into other information sources that meets the need of people in Bauchi state very soon.

How can I access my shop in bauchi360?

Click on the login button on our top front page to access your shop. You can also access it here

Is it free to own a shop in bauchi360?

No it’s not free.

How do I add pictures and videos in my shop?


Do I pay only once to own a shop in Bauchi360?

Payment is renewable every 6 months or 1 year

There is something about a video, picture or business that I'm not happy about - what do I do?

If you've seen something you're not happy about, contact us either via our phone number or our email address

My business or service is unique and you don’t have my category – can you create this for me?

We would suggest that you contact us if you require a new category for your business or service. If we feel that your business could be listed under a new sub-category it may be possible for this to happen.

How can I have my business on exclusive shops?

Yes you can have your business on our exclusive shop space by paying for it. Contact us if you want this position.

How do I stop using bauchi360?

Contact us directly via our phone number or send us an email. Do let us know why you wouldn’t want to continue with us.